Rainbow Magic - The Dance Fairies, Coming out in September

  Imogen the Ice Dance Fairy.
It looks like the last magic dance ribbon might also be the hardest one to find - especially as a certain pesky goblin is determined not to get caught! Imogen, Kirsty and Rachel will have to be ready for anything!
  Bethany the Ballet Fairy
Jack Frost's naughty goblins have stolen the Dance Fairies' magic ribbons and are hiding in the human world. Everywhere dance is being ruined! Rachel and Kirsty must help Bethany but the goblins' new powers won't make it easy!
  Jade the Disco Fairy
It's the day of Kirsty's school disco! But Jade, the Disco Fairy's magic ribbon is still missing, and without it the disco is going to be a complete disaster. Kirsty and Rachel need a plan, and fast!
  Rebecca the Rock 'n' Roll Fairy
Rebecca desperately needs to get her dance ribbon back, as even the best rock 'n' roll dancers are doing a terrible job without it! To rescue the ribbon, though, Rachel and Kirsty will have to outwit not one, but two goblins
  Tasha the Tap Dance Fairy
Rachel and Kirsty are on the hunt for Tasha's magic ribbon. It's been stolen by a goblin, who thinks he's brilliant at tap dancing! Can the girls find a way to trick the nasty goblin into giving the ribbon back?
  Jessica the Jazz Fairy
Jessica, the Jazz Fairy really wants to find her dance ribbon, as no one can jazz dance properly with it gone! The ribbon is definitely somewhere nearby but can Rachel and Kirsty help their fairy friend track it down?
  Saskia the Salsa Fairy
Wetherbury Village is having a fiesta, with food, music, and dancing of course! Saskia, the Salsa Fairy is frantic though - without her magic ribbon, all the fun will be spoilt. Can Rachel and Kirsty come to the rescue?